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Gill Aggregates have upgraded it's packaging line to a new automatic form fill and seal machine.  The new machine is operator friendly and offers a quick change of forming tubes to allow a production of either Maxi or Mini bags.  The new machine is capable of producing 25 bags a minute.  Alongside the new form, fill and seal machine we have also installed an Okura palletizing arm which can stack 3 pallets at a time to maximise production and output.

Our Dagenham depot has processed over 750,000t of aggregate in the last year. The processing plant has the ability to handle over 300 tonnes of material per hour.  The raw material goes through a screening process which outputs 4 sizes of material :

  • 0 - 4mm sand
  • 4 - 10mm Shingle
  • 10 -20mm Shingle
  • Reject Stone

At our Dagenham depot, we have implemented a material crusher to reduce the amount of waste material and to ensure that we achieve our sustainability commitments.  The Reject stone from the initial screening process is processed through the crusher to produce sub 20mm material, which is then re-screened .  This has been instrumental in helping us achieve our zero waste material target.  

We have completed a sizeable investment in a new 60m Overhead conveyor belt at our North Kent Depot,  which has allowed us to meet our Sustainability commitments through minimising our loading shovel movement. 

The install consisted of a 60m Conveyor belt which included a 20 Tonne hopper feeder and a radial stockpiler.  This has helped us reduce our fuel usage on-site and, in turn, our carbon footprint.

Gill Aggregates have invested heavily in the upgrade of the North Kent depot such that we can continue to deliver the highest levels of Customer Service.  We are continuously reviewing our equipment on-site and new technologies to ensure that we invest in our plant and machinery to help improve efficiencies and achieve our Service Level agreements. 

This process has resulted in the install of a new bagging and palletizing machine, a new topsoil hopper, overhead conveyor and Weighbridge. 

Gill Aggregates has just had 12 new Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor units delivered which are using Euro 6 compliant engines.  Investing in these new vehicles helps us improve our efficiencies and reduce our Carbon footprint.

These vehicles all meet the Transport of London's Direct Vision Standard rating, thanks to their enhanced safety features such as the mirror cam which provide excellent all-round visibility.  The mirror cam helps the drivers visibility when stopping at and near pedestrian crossings.  The aerodynamically shaped mirrors mounted to the roof frame have a lower drag co-efficient  in comparison to your traditional mirror resulting in lower fuel consumption.

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